A summary of my writing works

Since 2015, I’ve been writing articles about startup, stories of real people, new products and so on. My writer name as “wasabi” – a unique Japanese spice suggests, I try to express a sense of ” soothingness” with a bit of “shockingness” through delivering new perspectives.



In my writing work, I have a so-called “3C” principles that I care the most.


1. Consistency

2. Conciseness

3. Compassion


  1. I love extended research when I write about something. Having a deep knowledge about the topic will bring more consistency in the article which is data-driven, neutral and fact focused.
  2. I always try to keep things minimal. I am good at articulating the thought process in a short and simplistic way.
  3. My biggest passion in writing is to express a sense of inclusiveness. I believe imagination towards others fosters creativity and makes the statement more plausible.




A day in the life of an Extreme Couponer, Germany’s most extreme coupon saver (at lifehacker Japan)


Political correctness in modern world and the original definition of “equality” in comparison to Buddhism and Western philosophy (at HUFFPOST)


“Is mir egal” – Make up on the train is taboo in Japan while Berlin underground cares nothing, even if you shred onions. (at HUFFPOST)


A Dialogue by my Syrian friend who immigrated to Germany and the reality of being a refugee (at HUFFPOST)


An Interview with BrickBlock, Berlin’s Blockchain Platform for Investors (at ThinkIt)


Classic Concert can be Night Club-ish with VR and a bit of jazzy vibes. “Klassik underground” in Leipzig (at Young Germany)


An Interview with Federico Molinari, Berlin House DJ talks about what makes a DJ an Art. (at Young Germany)


Tips for Learning English – Serial Blog Posts (at DMM Eikaiwa Blog)


as if nature speaks to you

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