A summary of my interpretation/transcreation works


Since 2015, I’ve been translating marketing materials such as company website, press-release, social media posts, product release, video subtitling, etc. Most of my works pertain to marketing and social media. I also act as an interpreter (English, German and Japanese) at exhibitions, conferences, meetups and company visit tours.


The act of translation has been my core as a person who loves to create something new out of existing ideas.


translate (v.)

early 14c., “to remove from one place to another,” also “to turn from one language to another,” from Old French translator and directly from Latin translatus “carried over,” serving as past participle of transfere “to bring over, carry over” (see transfer), from trans “across, beyond” (see trans-) + lātus “borne, carried” (see oblate (n.)).


As the latin original definition says, translation is a work of “transforming things to something different” and “go across the border” which is bringing new perspectives to the world. Through translating things, I need to understand what the original author is trying to dispatch as a core message. I articulate the point in a clear manner, and try to find the middle point where both of the author and the readers can be satisfied with the finished works. In this process, I try not to just end up “replacing” words, but to “add” the new perspective and impression to the translation.


interpret (v.)

late 14c., “expound the meaning of, render clear or explicit,” from Old French interpreter “explain; translate” (13c.) and directly from Latin interpretari “explain, expound, understand,” from interpres “agent, translator,” from inter “between” (see inter-) + second element probably from PIE *per- (5) “to traffic in, sell.”


The act of interpretation has been my 2nd core as a person who bridges between Europe and Japan. As the latin origin says,  interpretation is a combination of “comprehension” and “explanation”.  These 2 abilities in today’s globalized world are the key to build a successful communication where people are able to freely express themselves and admit differences.




(I’m unable to disclose all the projects due to the NDAs signed between some clients. For more details, please inquire me directly.)


Transcreation for Kanako Ozawa’s Website


Kanako Ozawa is an artist, a being who is passionate for articulating delicate mysteries existing in our daily life which are often overlooked by most of the people. I translated her biography and artist statements(A critic by Takaomi Kuze, Poet/Director) on the website.


Kanako Ozawa’s painting



Kanako Ozawa’s figures


Transcreation for Momoko Tanizaki’s artist statement

Momoko Tanizaki is a Tokyo born artist. I translated her artist statement for her own exhibition.




Translator at TadaimaJapan


The Tadaima Japan Web Magazine is home to hundreds of articles about Japanese culture, traditions, off-the-beaten-path travel spots, seasonal events, festivals, travel tips, and much more! Before, during or after your trip, it is the ideal website to discover a less touristy, more authentic side of Japan.


I joined in the team as a translator/writer for web articles related to Japanese culture, and transcreated +100 articles on the website.

Translator at lifehacker Japan


Between 2015-2017, I translated articles daily on lifehacker Japan, US based life-hacking web magazine.


Interpreter at CeBIT 2017


Interpreter at Company Visit Tours (Confidential Clients)


Interpreter at meetup with Springbok.ai featuring BlockchainHub


and more…

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