A summary of my speaking works


My work as a speaker has developed through blogging. I speak at conferences, seminars, podcasts, YouTube, and so on.As a multilingual speaker (English, German, Portuguese and Japanese), I throw international meetup and act as MC as well.


My challenge in speaking is how to effectively make the point in what I’m talking, and checking out the audience’s level of understanding constantly without leaving anyone behind. I try to focus more on interactive communication with the audiences. It is because I understand that when people come to meetup physically, they are not here just to listen to the speeches, but also to get to know people, and feel the unspoken atmosphere of the speakers and audience around the company or product.
The key to a successful meetup and pitch is to infect the audience with your excitement. When you are truly excited about yourself, being happy and vibrant, this excitement is contagious to people around you. As a result, the meetup becomes an unforgettable experience, and this will lead to good user experiences.


[email protected] 2016 | The first sight after going off the ordinary rail


Speaker at Lisk Berlin Meetup #5: Decentralize

Short Film by Yasui Tatsuro (and interview)


Are Japanese and German People Similar? at Nobita from Japan


Speaker at Vivaldi Oslo Office (meetup)


Speaker at DMM.com (meetup)


Speaker at WeWork sponsored by logicool



and more..

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