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A Summary of my Works as a Community Manager

I run communities both online and offline in different sectors of industries. I started my first community in 2017 and successfully transformed it into a work pol for freelancers which had +100 members and increased +20 contract workers within a year. Through this journey, I realized that there is a surefire way to boost the community in terms of marketing, however, this often depends on a sort of buzz-marketing where you have to compromise what you stand for.


What is crucial in building a community is to make it sustainable. To make it sustainable, you need to know where you need to compromise( or I call it “adjust the thought process to the market needs”) and where not to compromise. This also includes how to effectively design a sustainable community with the preferred architecture.
I help community owners to start their community without compromising their beliefs.


CX Lab

CX Lab is an online-based community which consists of +15 talented creators around the globe. We regularly invite inspiring speakers such as Matthew Waldmann, Professor at Keio Media Design, Aleksandra Smilek, Artistic Director at AUDITORE and so on.

CX Lab



Translator’s Community (Based in US)


The client is a professional translator based in US, and I helped out setting up and running the client’s community.

Main services I offer;

  • Weekly video counseling (2h)
  • Publishing newsletter weekly
  • Update blog posts
  • Update social media (Twitter)
  • WordPress Administration (Implementing Securities, Updating the version, etc)
  • WordPress Design
  • Create banners/logos for marketings
  • Community Setup (Installing payment, communication tools and community policy, etc)
  • YouTube video subtitling

Main achievements;

  • The client finally found a way to monetize the community through membership.
  • The community acquired the partnership with localization companies.
  • +120 people subscribed the newsletter over 3 months, and mark 60.6 % open rate in average.


Roamers Space (ex. 海外フリーランス養成スクール)


From 2017-2019, I organized my very first online based community “Roamers Space”. In the community, we shared the tips for freelancers and also created a work pool where prospective freelancers can gain the work opportunities to start out their freelance career.


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