" Creation starts from translation, and translation starts from compassion."

Yuko fujisawa


Yuko Fujisawa

Since I was born, I've been always a hyperactive "rebel" trying to get out from everywhere from baby bed to school. As a kid, I was fascinated by the idea of communicating with people who speak a different language. I remember myself begging my mom to enroll me in a cram school, and started to learn English. When I spoke English, I felt myself an alien who lives out of the box, and that feeling of freedom became a big part of me which naturally led me to my career as a linguist (English, Deutsch, Português, にほんご) today.

Hi, my name is Yuko. I'm a transcreator/writer from Tokyo, has been roaming between Europe and Japan since 2015. My greatest passion is to bridge between different cultures and create something new out of it. Work of translation is often misunderstood as a mere "replacement" of words, but I believe that translation pertains to deep cultural understandings and creative compassions to others which are essential to make our world better today.