Hello there! Welcome to wsbi.net, if you are new to this website! wsbi.net has been running for almost 6 years now, and it originally started as a personal blog where I wrote about my Digital Nomad (or “Roamer”) life and information about Germany (where I was mainly based as my home in EU) for Japanese audiences.

Today, wsbi.net transformed into a new portfolio/blog platform where I introduce my projects. Also, I’m going to write my thoughts on different topics like decentralization, the art of transcreation, nail art, surfing, travel, etc… with an experimental attitude.

When you start something new, often the times you don’t know where it goes. Maybe you have something solid in your mind, but it doesn’t mean that it goes exactly as you imagined, and to know it’s a fun thing, is a gift.

What I’ve been learning through my journey is always be sensitive to my reactions, because I believe that the most important thing can be learned from my own movement.

The movement occurs in my inner-self is like a key to open the doors, any doors.

But I don’t know which doors to open at that moment.

When I write stuffs, I see the doors to open.

Upon deciding which door to open, nature confirms me something with a so-called “serendipity”.

This is how I learn and enjoy my life 🙂

where all moss conjunct

Nice to meet you all and welcome to my new blog!

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